Friday July 12th 2019

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Friday July 5th 2019

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The original American lifestyle brand.

Gant. The original American lifestyle brand. Founded in the ‘Ivy League’ campuses of the Americas East Coast Universities in 1949 creating shirts inspired by American sportswear of the time. Today Gant is known the world over for offering high quality, smart and sophisticated apparel. Gant has become the perfect wear for an active man with an urban fashion profile. By encompassing their original sporty aesthetic along with developing a strong European influence, whilst staying true to their American heritage.

Add to your summer wardrobe with Gant’s New Summer collection, consisting of authentic, lightweight madras shirts, cotton tees and polos, jackets, denim and shorts along with a range of accessories to complement your outfit.

Friday June 28th 2019

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The British summer. The time of year when we all break away from our regular routines and head into the great outdoors to discover what our beautiful island has to offer. Be it the peaks and moorlands of the national parks or the stunning coastline - ranging from sandy beaches to jagged cliff faces. However there is one thing that we can’t rely on. The British weather! 

Don’t let the rain ruin your adventure, with Barbour’s waterproof breathable coats from their summer collection you won’t be caught off guard.

Barbour waterproof coats are designed with taped seams, concealed hoods and breathable membranes whilst also offering the signature Barbour style. Whilst the benefits of waterproofing are clear, the value of breathability are not so until you become active. As the body warms and you begin to perspire, you can often end up damp and uncomfortable from perspiration if the garment fabric doesn't breathe. A breathable fabric contains tiny micro pores that are too small to allow liquid water in but big enough to allow water vapour from perspiration out. The faster the rate of transfer, the better.

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Jacket: Barbour Clanfield, Boots: Barbour Nelson